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With many years experience working at the highest possible level, Granite Kitchen Services are the natural and man-made stone experts. We combine traditional skills with the very latest in industry-leading technology in order to push the boundaries of what is possible, delivering a range of interior and exterior design solutions limited only by your imagination.

Established in 2004, GKS has became the South’s premier supplier of luxury work surfaces and stone products. With a team of 24 dedicated staff members in Botley, Hampshire, and a passion for stone, we’re ready to create that something special for you.

Carefully selected, individually crafted and expertly installed, each piece we produce is designed with a passion to reveal the unrivalled beauty of our versatile and high-performing materials.

“Designed by nature, crafted with passion: The signature of a stylish interior, stone brings a timeless quality to any home or space.”


The South’s premier supplier of luxury work surfaces

With over 500 colours and varieties to chose from, the journey to your dream kitchen starts with a visit to our showroom.

Granite is a naturally occurring stone created by the cooling of magma in the earths crust. Granite worktops are a popular choice due to their durability, beautiful variegation, and versatility.


Quartz, renowned for its exceptional hardness, features a non-porous surface, impeccable aesthetics, and effortless maintenance. This versatile material is well-suited for a wide array of applications.


Ceramic describes a group of man-made materials specifically formulated to be extremely hard-wearing. Ceramic surpasses granite in strength whilst also being UV-resistant, all while offering a diverse palette of colours and variations.


Marble is a naturally occurring stone, characterised by its uniform texture and dense structure. Its malleability, coupled with the diverse palette of hues it comes in, makes it a highly sought-after material for a variety of applications, including bathroom installations, fireplace surrounds, stairway construction, and flooring solutions.


Igneous Outdoor Kitchens is the brand name of the luxury outdoor kitchen range by GKS. Made using granite, marine grade stainless steel, and aluminium, these kitchens are Made in Britain. Made for Britain.


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A Passion Set in Stone

To maintain our position as industry leaders, we are committed to a policy of proactive early adoption and sustained investment in innovation.

Our traditional expertise has been strategically augmented with the most advanced computerised cutting and templating technology available.


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