Granite – Granite consists largely of magmatic rocks which were formed by the cooling of magma deep in the earth’s crust. Some granites are also metamorphic in origin, having been created by the transformation of existing magmatic rock under high pressure. These metamorphic granites are typical of their variegated colouring and their flames structure which makes every individual slab unique.

Granite is an ideal material for a wide range of purposes such as, but not limited to, the following:



Quartz – Unlike granite, which is 100% natural, quartz is a semi natural man-made product. Quartz is made by mixing the natural mineral quartz with various resins, polymers & pigments. The ratio of these ingredients is approximately 90% quartz to 10% resins, polymers & pigments. Man-made quartz materials are suitable for the following uses and more:



Ceramic – Ceramic is a generic word used to describe a group of new materials specially formulated to be extremely hard-wearing (see videos in gallery). A good example is one of the leading brands called Neolith, a Tech Porcelain which is the latest technology in ceramics and the most durable type. One of the key differences is that the ingredients in ceramics are mixed and then extruded, similar to making pasta if anyone is familiar with that.

Neolith is an ultra compact surface where the ingredients are mixed and then pressed, so to refer to this product as ceramic or porcelain is correct but it is slightly different and should be described this way: The product make-up is roughly 40% feldspar, 20% quartz, 25% kaolin, and the rest pigments. Ceramic can be used for the same purposes as granite but is stronger, more heat resistant and is UV stable.



Marble – Marbles contain both metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, all of which are composed of calciferous particles (calcite).

Marble is a relatively homogenous and compact natural stone. Because it is relatively easy to work and can be found in such a wide range of colours, it is used in many applications; bathrooms, fireplaces, staircases, floors etc.



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